Hello everyone!

Our position now is 26*32N 045*48W, it is 5:45 in the morning and the sun has already risen.

This morning's calculations show that it is exactly 9 days since we crossed the start line and wehave managed to complete 1624 NM. That means average 180 miles a day and 7,5 knots of average speed which is not bad at all!

The weather and wind are getting lighter and now we are doing around 6 knots of speed. We have decided to climb up north and soon reach the edge of the cyclone. That would allow us, hopefully to cross the Asores maximum in a day or so and start sailing closer to the wind which is more favorable for SPANIEL. However we are aware that our closest competitors are choosing the same tactics.

Speaking about our daily life, we can say that it is already a routine. The biggest events of the day are mealtimes or as we say - the light lunch and the dinner. Until now the menu has not repeated. A day before yesterday we celebrated Sintija's birthday. An idea to cover her bunk with black plastic bags was not supported by the crew, but the real birthday surprise came from the flying fish who chose Sintija as her target, missing just few inches and hitting the window.We have also opened our barbershop, however till now we have had only two clients - Reinis and Libca. Cards tournament is going on sometimes followed by a soft live music of Aldis playing harmonics. Other time - reading, sunbathing, fishing, evening movies etc. Fishing results till now - 3 lost lures, cockpit knife, one rosy sock and a bit burned finger from trying to stop the fishing line. Today at the sunrise the fishing equipment is already in the water to try to regain our positions against the fish.

Well, that's the way life goes here. Oh, yes, yesterday we had a short rain for the first time during this race.

Sending you all competitive greetings,


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