In the meanwhile the crew is sitting on the deck and having discussion which of mandatory traditions of this night can be also performed by sailors while in race. So here are some of our suggestions and ideas:

1. Ligo is well known for celabrations and staying up whole night untill the sunrise. Sailors can also do that easily. Simply after the sunset sy SPANIEL will be having "full crew watch" till it gets light again. Check!

2. Doing bonfires all over the country is very well known tradition and can be seen in each city, willage and even home. To be fertile and have prosperous and joyful days young pairs should jump over the fire. Sailors may have slightly adapted version of making a tiny bonfire in empty can of beans. Jumping over open fire however have been stricly denied by our security officer.

3. Another thing is also about to do some BBQ on the open fire and drink a lot of Ligo beer and eating Janu (stands for the name - Jonny) cheese. We checked that everything required including beer can be found in SPANIEL. So sailors will have some fresh shashlik with cheese and will hypnotise closed can of beer.

4. Latvians always have government warnings like "If you have some beer then you should not steer". When we will be asked how was our Ligo - well if you have no beer then better fix your steer. And we really did.

Couple hours ago we were just planning how to celebrate this special night on boat when there suddenly a calm sound appeared from the stearman saying: "Guys, I think we just lost our steering"

So last 4 hours Spaniel was heading to the first WP1 using emergency steering while having speed up to 10 kts and performing required repairs. It could be done without stopping the boat since sea was calm.

5. Latvian Ligo festivals is also very well know for singing all night long our national folksongs. That can be reached easilly and we have even started that in the ports of Boston. To comply for tradition stay tuned for Spaniel choir on ch77 at 2100 UTC when it is midnight in Latvia.

6. As Latvia is a "Nameday celebrating country" and the name of the holliday is basically known for the ladies named Liga and the nameday of the gentlemen named Janis which are the two most outspreade names in our country. We have exactly one Liga and one Janis in our crew. And yes we promise to cheer them up!

6. To keep your beautiness and good health it is required to roll naked in the the morning dew... No problem - Sailors may use salty dew on deck.

7. During this night, to wash all your troubles away for at least one year, it is common thing to go swimming nude in the rivers or lakes of our loved Latvia. Nightly swim was however canceled by our captain suggesting to watch naked dolphins instead while in race.

9. And finally during this night boys and girls are looking for mystic flower of the fern tree. We checked twice - no fern trees are on board due to customs restrictions. The only hope are these naked dolphins to bring some.

Have an amazing midsummer night with full of miracles and lot of sailing joy.



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